Monday, June 9, 2014

North Dakota Google Summit

     Wow! What an incredible weekend for 300 attendees of the first ND Google Summit. Google Certified Teachers Monica Martinez, Ken Shelton, Rushton Hurley, and Mark Hammons did a great job headlining the conference.  My head was spinning by the end of day 2 with inspirational thoughts and ideas to bring back to share with teachers.
     This past weekend's technology conference provided everything you need to change your teaching.  We all need to continue to grow and learn.  If you are thinking I don't need to change..…I am a successful teacher.  You are wrong!  Does your doctor stop learning new ways to treat patients?  We as educators need to continue to learn.  You cannot wait for the district to provide you with learning opportunities…you need to take control of your own learning.

     Plans have already started for hosting another
North Dakota Google Summit next June in Grand Forks.  It's not just the tech tips that come out of a technology conference, it's also the inspirational keynote speakers like Ken Shelton who talked about Engagement, Creativity, Fun, and how one minor change can make a difference in your day for your students.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Summer Dance

     How many teachers have done the "Happy Summer Dance" within the past few weeks?  Summer is our time to rest, recoup, and re-energize. But, have you thought about how many of our students are not doing the "Happy Summer Dance"?  Many of our students are going without positive adults in their lives during the day and could also be going without food.  I know in our community of Grand Forks there is a program where students go to a park for a packed lunch.  However that is not always the case in other places.
     I came across this video while reading today and thought I would pass it along.  This kid is so fun to watch and he has a great message at the end of the video that might be able to help with meals for students.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bry's Adventure at Ryan Pond

Today Mr. Bry's period 3 and period 4 along with the 2nd grade classrooms from Viking Elementary went on an adventure to Ryan Pond.  Ryan Pond is located south of South Middle School.  The Grand Forks Park District stocks fish each spring.  This is a great place to take kids fishing.
Today Mr. Bry had 4 teachers who volunteered to facilitate a station.  Mr. Chase has the GPS station, Mr. Sears had the camping station, Mr. Bry had the fishing station, and I had the digital microscope station. 
The weather was beautiful and the students had a great time!

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Check out Kahoot, a game-based tool that students use to answer questions online.  Ms. Fulks 6th grade students recently used this tool.  I noticed how her students were engaged and excited as they were reviewing Spanish colors.
Teachers will go to to setup an account.  Students will go to and enter the game pin.
Don't worry about creating your own Kahoot, there are many already created for you to try with your students.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring 2014 NDATL-Tools to Flip your Classroom

On Friday, I will be attending NDATL which is our state technology conference.  This spring it will be held in Bismarck.  My presentation is called "Tools to Flip your Classroom". I will be introducing online resources and demonstrating the "how to" in the creation of new materials for the classroom. This is one of my professional goals this year to have conversations with teachers to think of how "flipped resources" can be create for students in their classroom.
  Here is the link to my presentation.

Earthquakes of the World using Google Maps Engine

Mr. Lovin's Explorers used Google Maps Engine to plot the epicenter,  plate lines, and place marks that included research about earthquakes and  volcanoes from around the world.  Google Maps Engine lets you create maps, manually draw lines, mark specific areas, set place markers, and share with classmates and teachers. 
Great job Mr. Lovin!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

PD from your Couch-Twitter Class

     Would you like to learn from the comfort of your home every Monday night?  Does your PLN need some attention? Join us on Monday nights at 8:30pm for #gfedchat-Keep on Tweeting - Using Twitter to create a personal learning network for educators. 
     You will chat with Grand Forks teachers from all around the district. We have even had visitors from different parts of the state.  Here are a few of the possible topics for the upcoming 6 week class; Differentiation, PBL, Maker Movement, STEM vs STEAM, Discovery Education, to name just a few. 
     Please don't worry if Twitter is new to you and it seems a bit overwhelming.  We will help you to get started and before long you will be contributing to #gfedchat.
    Our next session starts on March 17.  Please sign up in MyLearningPlan if you are interested in prism credits.