Saturday, August 2, 2014

DENSI-Wow, what an amazing time!

     I have been home for a few weeks after an amazing experience at DENSI!  I attended Discovery Education's Summer Institute in Nashville, TN from July 13-18 on the campus of Vanderbilt University. It was fun to live on the 12 floor (not so fun when the elevator wasn't working) in the dorm and have suite mates. We stayed up way too late and shared 1 bathroom for the 5 of us.  However the experience in the dorm provided time (just like in college) to have conversations with educators from Idaho, Tennessee, and California without even being in a planned session was an extra perk. 

My press release photo with Lance Rougeux, a member of the Discovery Educational Professional Development Team.

On our opening night we heard how the team from Discovery Education all work together to make sure DEN (Discovery Education Network) stays true to their mission of connecting educators to the most valuable resource….each other. From Sunday when we started meeting other DEN educators to really has not stopped as I am connected with 150 people on Edmodo and Facebook.  The questions keep being asked and answers keep being answered from colleagues from all over the US, Canada, and now the United Kingdom.
I am so thankful to Discovery Education for treating us to a week that included an all day excursion, gifts each day, incredible speakers, awesome sessions, The DENmazing race through Vanderbilt, a Maker Faire room, but the best gift was the connections made with other DEN stars.
Look for upcoming posts to hear more about sessions, speakers, and the Maker Faire movement.

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