Monday, June 9, 2014

North Dakota Google Summit

     Wow! What an incredible weekend for 300 attendees of the first ND Google Summit. Google Certified Teachers Monica Martinez, Ken Shelton, Rushton Hurley, and Mark Hammons did a great job headlining the conference.  My head was spinning by the end of day 2 with inspirational thoughts and ideas to bring back to share with teachers.
     This past weekend's technology conference provided everything you need to change your teaching.  We all need to continue to grow and learn.  If you are thinking I don't need to change..…I am a successful teacher.  You are wrong!  Does your doctor stop learning new ways to treat patients?  We as educators need to continue to learn.  You cannot wait for the district to provide you with learning opportunities…you need to take control of your own learning.

     Plans have already started for hosting another
North Dakota Google Summit next June in Grand Forks.  It's not just the tech tips that come out of a technology conference, it's also the inspirational keynote speakers like Ken Shelton who talked about Engagement, Creativity, Fun, and how one minor change can make a difference in your day for your students.

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