Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ISTE in San Antonio, Texas

      I recently traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the ISTE conference.  The convention center is built around the RiverWalk.  This conference is huge!  I heard there were around 20,000 people attending which attendees, presenters, and vendors from many small and large companies.  I spent  most of Monday afternoon visiting vendors who were placed around the outer edge of the exhibit hall.  These are small start-up companies whose small booth area cost $3000 dollars compared to $30,000 for the large companies such as Google, Scholastic, and Smart to name just a few.  Most of these companies offer their product for free.  I visited with a small company called DESMOS.  DESMOS is a free online graphing calculator site.  This will be a great online tool to use with our netbooks this year.  Take a few minutes and checkout won't cost you anything :)

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