Monday, April 8, 2013

Meograph at NDATL

Four-Dimensional Storytelling

Meograph lets you create and share interactive stories using a timeline, maps, video, and pictures.
Students create an account which can sometimes be a problem if they cannot remember their password the next day or if they have spelled it wrong.  They can click on forgot password and an email will be sent from the company.  I would really like if Meograph students could login with Google.  Many web 2.0 sites are partnering with Google so students are automatically logged into a site using their Google information.

Just a reminder that Meograph is in Beta.  We did have some problems recently with the speed of the site while uploading pictures and video and it would sometimes time out.  I contacted the company and they shared they were having server issues on that day.  My concern that the company might have grown too fast.  It is a relatively new site.

Click here for a link that includes instructions for starting Meograph projects along with classroom ideas and examples.

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