Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunny/ Cloudy Days at Turtle River Eco Ed Camp

Stonefly Larvae
Some of you may wonder where I am going when I say I'm out at Turtle River.  Each fall, the Grand Forks Soil Conservation district provides an opportunity to attend Eco Ed Camp.  This is a one day camp for all 7th grade students in the county.  Eco Ed camp takes place at Turtle River State Park.  Throughout the day, students attend six sessions that include: Prairie, Wetlands, Soils, Water Quality, Forestry, and Rivers.  The Secondary Technology Partners are the presenters for the river session. At our river session, students learn how to determine the water quality of the river by searching for macro invertebrates.  These small creatures are found under rocks in the river.  Students use waders, nets, bowls, and strainers to gather their data at the river. After the students find a macro invertebrate they bring it to our picnic table where we have computers and digital microscopes.  It is fun to count the tales, or see their small eyes.  Each macro is then documented on our chart to determine the water quality of the river.

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