Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google Maps-The Good and the Ugly

I have been recently working with 2 teachers at one of my schools with Google Maps.  The 8th grade Earth Science teacher had his students learning about Earthquakes and the 7th grade geography teacher had his students learning about Australia.  The Good of Google Maps is students are able to save their map so when they return they can continue to add more information.  In addition, Google Maps is a great visual tool.  One student who picked Haiti for his earthquake to research made the comment once he and his partner found it in Google Maps..."oh that's where Haiti is...I really didn't know where it was".  Google Maps is a great addition to the research piece of an assignment.  The Ugly of Google Maps is the Collaboration piece.  Students are not able to share their map with a partner as easily as in Google Docs where the complete email address shows as they pick the name.

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